Barley Map of Provenance

element: Barley / DATE: 20/11/2016

The provenance of our barley, where, how and by whom it is grown, is key to our entire philosophy. There are 72 Irish farms growing barley for us on 19 distinct soil types. 

As each farm is distilled we can demonstrate its provenance via a huge, wall-mounted map in the still room, a visual representation of the unprecedented diversity of provenance. 

Adapted from a Soil Association survey of south east Ireland, this very complex map was stylised to show separate soil types, each one given a pattern of its own. Thus simplified, focus is brought to bear on the farms themselves.

Each farm has been plotted on the map with a magnetic disc. which is lit up when that particular farm is being distilled. The farm name, alongside the distiller’s, is hung on the spirit safe as the spirit is being distilled.

Measuring 25 square metres the Provenance Map is an everyday reminder of the significance and the scale of our unique barley origin policy.

You can share this experience via a sophisticated web camera mounted in the still house that follows the new spirit trickling from the spirit safe, identifies the farmer, names the distiller, and shows the very provenance of the barley being distilled –  in real time.

Designed by TrueOutput.

Farm Discs

Each farm has its own disc on the map. This records both the farmer’s and farm name and identifies their location. Each disc measures 150mm in diameter and lit up for the duration the farm is being distilled.

Farm Tags

Each farm has a corresponding tag that hangs on the spirit safe for the duration of the distillation process.

Map Illustration Detail

Examples of Soil Type Pattern

Elton (1000x)
Fine loamy drift with limestones

Kilrush (700b)
Fine loamy drift with siliceous stones

Peat (1xx)

Clonroche (1100a)
Fine loamy drift with silIceous stones

Macamore (700a)
Fine loamy over clayey calcareous irish sea till

Seafield (300a)
Sandy stoneless drift

Kilpierce (600a)
Fine loamy drift with siliceous stones

Borrisoleigh (960c)
Fine loamy over mudstone, shale or slate bedrock

Carrigvahanagh (410a)
Peat over lithoskeletal acid igneous rock

Baggotstown (1150a)
Coarse loamy over calcareous gravels

Barley Farm Locations

Construction Process of Map

Finished Map of Provenance