element: Spirit / DATE: 23/03/2021


There’s plenty we would like to share with you about each whisky. In fact, rather too much for a bottling label – that strange, tiny surface that has been regulated to death.

Which is why drinkers will be able to access a new feature on the website, currently in beta version with more refinements to come.

Every bottle of Waterford whisky features its own pioneering TÉIREOIR code, which once entered online will reveal a host of unprecedented and engaging content related to the release. 

Using rich photography, and drawing upon our unrivalled digital logistics systems that collects thousands of data points, you will be able to explore maps of the place, the harvest, the grower, distillation details as well as view the full spectrum of wood.

Built upon on our own bespoke software that brings together five data systems from farm to bottle, it has been a remarkable project to collate the data for each release: so watch this space.

Each page shows a mixture of information designed to delight the most curious whisky fan, as well as content to draw casual drinkers into the concept of real provenance.

Indeed, while you’re at home with a dram, browsing the information on the barley used to distil the whisky, the casks Head Distiller Ned chose to combine to best express the spirit, you will even be able to listen to the sounds from the farm itself. 

Here’s a teaser of what lies in wait. You can view an example page here.

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